Basic Bath - Pop Up Bath

For dogs who just want the basic which includes shampoo and blow dry.

Deluxe Bath

For dogs who deserve a little extra pampering in between full grooms. Also suitable for breeds that don’t require clipping. Deluxe Bath gives your dog  a bath with 2 shampoo rinses and a conditioning treatment, a complete dry off, ear cleaning, nail clip, face trim and manual brush out. 

The Works

The complete treatment for your canine friend. The Work includes a relaxing bath with 2 shampoo rinses and a conditioning treatment, complete dry, nail trim, ear clean, clip/scissor to your preferred style and finished off with a spritz of gorgeous scent.

Shed-less Bath

Perfect for medium to long-haired breeds who tend to shed: includes a deep cleaning followed by brush and blow out.

This treatment will manually remove the dead, excess hair and make your dog feel more comfortable as well as reducing moulting.

De-matting Bath

Our groomers will give your dog “The Works” followed by a de-matting session to remove stubborn mats.

Puppy Plan

A must for all puppies, especially coats that require regular grooming.

We offer a multi week plan to gradually introduce your puppy to grooming. Visit start out short and each week we do a little more until they are ready to move to an adult appointment schedule.

We will get your puppy used to the salon environment with a bath gentle dry, face and feet trim, introduction to clippers, nail trim with lots of cuddles. 

Hand Stripping

The traditional grooming method for wire coated breeds and some spaniels, includes a nail trim, 2 shampoo bath and the removal of the excess long, wire, dead hair, leaving the soft undercoat and an alluring smooth appearance. 

Teeth Cleaning

The First Session:

  • £40 for 30 minutes, follow up session 1 to 2 weeks apart £25 for 15 minutes. 

Maintenance Per Session:

  • £25 up to 15 minutes every 4 to 8 weeks


Teeth Cleaning Package £ 100

Additonal Services

  • Specialised Shampoo – We offer a few different specialised baths for dry/itchy skin, hot spots, sensitive dogs and flea bath.
  • Nail Clipping
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Anal Glands Expression( is done only on request)
  • Scoop hair out of eyes
  • Dematting – If mats are unable to be brushed out our groomers may need to shave them out by giving the dog a full groom. Please consult with our groomers to decide which method will be better.
  • Excessive scissors, handling and dematting are subject to additional charges.