About Us

At Truly Pawsome we understand the importance of where you take your dog to be groomed. It is an experience that is going to follow your pets throughout their life.

This experience should be as stress free and as pleasing as possible.

That is why we choose all natural eco-friendly products and grooming techniques to heal the negative affects on our pets.

Dogs have a particular sensitivity towards our emotional unrest and stress. Because they are loyal and determined to bring us joy they sometimes carry the burden of that stress within themselves. That’s why Truly Pawsome only chooses products that combine oils, herbs and botanical essences specifically to help smooth their minds as we groom and clean their skin and fur.

Whether your pet needs a quick shampoo or “ the work” our expert groomers will make your four-legged friend looking and smelling wonderful.

Each appointment includes a free consultation to discuss your pet’s personal grooming and styling needs.

We also complete a short health check on your dog on arrival to ensure they are fit for grooming. During the whole grooming, your  pet is observed for any health problems and you will receive a report  of these observations.

If your dog is overly un-settled, despite our effort, we shall call you for further instructions.

We offer expert grooming for all breads, from puppy cuts to breed-specific styling and hand stripping.

Your pet’s  needs come first! Each grooming experience is individualised for your pet.